Lien Release & Assignment

Our customized services help you streamline the lien release and assignment process, mitigate compliance risks, and improve customer satisfaction.

Meet evolving customer and regulatory demands

An efficient lien release and assignment process is critical to driving superior customer service as well as compliance. Today’s demanding customers expect a seamless experience across the lending cycle. In addition, loan servicers must comply with the mandates of regulatory bodies such as the CFPB and keep up with varying rules across thousands of recording jurisdictions across the country. Documentation errors and missed deadlines can lead to significant cost increases and reputational risk. Over 10 million documents are rejected by County Recorders each year, resulting in over $500 million in closing cost losses for lenders.

Tap into our full-service solution to stay compliant

Sourcepoint deploys best practices honed over 25 years to help servicers address the complexities of lien releases and assignment and stay compliant in all 50 states. We use a combination of business process outsourcing (BPO) services and automated workflows to help you manage staffing volatility and mitigate the risk of out-of-compliance penalties. Our lien release experts blend process expertise with technology-based tools to drive end-to-end process efficiency, ensure multi-tier QA, and enable real time reporting.

Sourcepoint Lien Release Services

  • Receive list of loans through emails, fax and call centers.
  • Address exceptions and prepare lien release or assignment documents in accordance with federal, state, and county regulations.
  • Submit lien release for bank’s authorized signature.
  • Calculate fee for recordation.
  • Submit documents to county for recordation, leveraging e-recording capabilities where available.
  • Track documents and follow up with county recorders to speed up process.
  • Image recorded copies.
  • Ship recorded copies to client and/or provide digital file, including recording details.


Stay Ahead

Outcomes delivered:

Rapid turnaround of large volumes within statutory deadlines, low document rejection rates, reduced costs, and superior customer satisfaction.

Why Sourcepoint?

25+ years delivering market-leading solutions

Tap into our expertise - We work with the biggest names in the US mortgage market to deliver superior business outcomes

Global centers enabling 24/7 omnichannel experiences

Create a unified experience across channels and services - ranging from mortgage origination and routine servicing to foreclosure and default servicing

Data-driven approach & cutting-edge technology

Stay ahead with next-gen solutions underpinned by Robotic Process Automation, AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and more

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