Post-Close Document Services

Drive superior quality control in your post-closing process to improve compliance, mitigate risks, and lower costs.

Streamline post-closing and improve profitability

Declining origination volumes and stringent regulations are turning the spotlight on profitability and compliance, forcing lenders to tighten their post-closing process, and rapidly clear backlogs and secure the release of hold-back funds.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in managing the post-closing function, Sourcepoint offers a hybrid solution that combines automation with human resources to enhance efficiencies while reducing costs. Our comprehensive services can be customized to handle clients’ end-to-end post-closing requirements or just a select set of processes, based on specific needs. Our skilled and experienced professionals work with top tier lenders, leading mortgage servicing companies, and regional/community banks to streamline their existing manual, time consuming and error-prone processes.

Mortgage Post Closing Services

Sourcepoint’s automated Post-closing and Document Management Application integrates with client’s Loan Origination Systems (LOS), and leverages workflow technology to optimize and re-engineer post-closing processes for improved flexibility and quality. The integrated system takes a proactive approach to retrieving missing documents, clearing exceptions, and re-mediating risk, ensuring same day collateral reviews and rapid document processing. In addition, it offers in-depth reporting and analytics for superior visibility, tracking and compliance. Based on their requirements, clients can choose from an array of delivery models, including onshore, offshore, hybrid and onsite.

Our comprehensive portfolio of post-closing services

  • Post-closing package handling, audit and review
  • Legal and servicing review
  • Compliance audit
  • Pre-funding review
  • Recording services (recording review; mail/e-recording)
  • Credit report review and final verification of employment
  • Funding and wiring review
  • MERS registration
  • Title and recording confirmation
  • Post fund QA
  • Original note delivery to custodian
  • Trailing document tracking
  • Recording fee reconciliation and refunds
  • Loan delivery to investor (full file delivery; post settlement exception handling and remediation)
  • Indexing and stacking of loan files
  • Onsite and offsite imaging services
  • Assignment and lien release drafting and recording
How robust is your mortgage post-closing process?

Assessing the key factors for greater compliance and profitability

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Mortgage post-closing services designed to deliver

  • Comprehensive loan file review and timely delivery
  • Robust trailing documents tracking and handling
  • Tailored audits, exception handling and reporting
  • Scalable and low cost operations through right-shoring and right-skilling
  • Reduced cycle times due to global delivery model
  • Complaint lien release and assignment process

Why Sourcepoint?

25+ years delivering market-leading solutions

Tap into our expertise - We work with the biggest names in the US mortgage market to deliver superior business outcomes

Global centers enabling 24/7 omnichannel experiences

Create a unified experience across channels and services - ranging from mortgage origination and routine servicing to foreclosure and default servicing

Data-driven approach & cutting-edge technology

Stay ahead with next-gen solutions underpinned by Robotic Process Automation, AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and more

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