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Optimize your human capital

Design a learning culture. Amplify mortgage outcomes.

Build your cognitive engine

In today’s knowledge economy, all businesses – including mortgage companies – rely on their enterprise learning ecosystem to stay competitive, acquire and retain customers, and future-proof their organization. Empower your employees to stay abreast with digital advancements, evolving regulations and other market intelligence, enabling them to effectively solve customer problems.

Ready to customize

Agile platform ready-to-deploy across markets

Knowledge Framework

Self-correcting Knowledge Framework with transparent feedback mechanisms


Accelerators for learner progression and program objective fulfillment


New, targeted value streams, delivered across channels – mobile and web
Our First Learning Intelligence solution enables you to create knowledge engines to build your cognitive capital, and in turn improve your market position. A Predictive Adaptive Learning Platform, First Learning Intelligence leverages networks and existing collective collaborative intelligence to drive significant customer-facing innovation.

Stay ahead with Sourcepoint

Over 25 years of delivering market-leading mortgage solutions

Learner centric

Personalized, engaging, and measurable learning experience driven by triggers and rewards.

Return on value

Adds 25% efficiency on 7% revenue, creating a direct impact on the learner, resource team, processes, culture, and organizational knowledge.

Human capital enhancement

Increases productivity, improves quality, and makes transition more efficient. Enhances Cognitive Quotient which further reduces churn.

AI as learning service

Encourages a culture of Collaborative Intelligence between machines and humans.

Validated and tested platform

280,000 learners using 40 million pathways, driving an average of 24% learning outcomes.

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3 Ways AI and machine learning are disrupting mortgage lending

Learning and Development is the Flywheel of Progress

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Nimble underwriting services for better and faster decisions

Digitally enabled services to maximize success

Faster credit solutions for better customer engagement

The traditional underwriting process is under fire from growing consumer expectations for transparency and flexibility and increasing competition from InsurTechs. Continued reliance on manual workflows and disparate legacy systems creates bottlenecks, increases cycle time and impacts customer satisfaction.
Our specialized Underwriting Services synthesize digital solutions with the human touch – across mortgage, default and bank underwriting – enhancing decision making, fast-tracking the process and pricing risk more accurately. It leaves your underwriters with more time to focus on customer retention, cross-sell and upsell, driving profitability and growth.

Stay ahead with Firstsource

Customized solutions to maximize ROI

Agile processes to adapt to changing customer behaviors

Right shore delivery model for optimal productivity

Technology platforms and analytics-driven solutions for seamless scalability

How we do it

Straight-through-processing with Intelligent Automation, blending Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence.

Digitally Enabled Contact Center (DECC) for omnichannel customer contact - meet your customers on a channel of their choice and at a time of their convenience.

Advanced analytics to better assess evolving trends and customer risk profile.

Global delivery for 24/7 customer support.

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We’d love to hear about your current business needs and where you’re headed.

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