Harnessing the power of speech analytics to improve compliance

AI-driven technology can participate in customer conversations, listening, interpreting, and guiding associates in how to engage customers. It provides real-time coaching with language that addresses the heart of the customer’s need, establishing a dialog that is uplifting and productive. It provides guardrails for ensuring the engagement is compliant.

The technology derives its knowledge from analyzing past conversations you have had with your customers, formulating an understanding of the factors that contribute to a successful and compliant engagement. It elevates individual and team performance while ensuring positive experiences for customers.

The Challenge

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once remarked that, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Such is the challenge of communicating in the digital age, with its myriad channels and conversational nuances. We may feel as though we’re on the same page with someone when in fact we may not be reading from the same book. In business, the opportunity to speak with a customer is golden; it is a moment of truth. It can allow you to pay off on a brand promise. Or it could lead to misunderstanding: the wrong word said at the wrong time; a comment unnoticed, or a simple misinterpretation. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction and create stress in the relationship. Worse yet, it can create legal jeopardy.

If only you could be a party to every customer contact to properly identify the need, sense the mood, and guide the resolution.

Marketing Permission

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