Customer Analytics for Mortgage

We help mortgage companies leverage customer analytics to create tailored and meaningful customer experiences.

Reshape customer experience with advanced analytics

Today’s ‘mobile-first’ consumers demand a digital experience that allows them to move through the lending process quickly – on channels of their choice. The good news is modern lenders have access to a wealth of behavioral and transactional data in their ecosystem to fuel an omnichannel strategy. Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and analytics are helping lenders unpack the data to create meaningful customer experiences while simplifying and streamlining mortgage servicing.

Sourcepoint helps you mine the enormous volume of digital customer interaction data to generate actionable insights through speech and text analytics, customer surveys and performance metrics. Our speech and text analytics solution provides expanded real time views of service performance while our customer surveys furnish an accurate measure of customer satisfaction. We also enable continuous monitoring of performance metrics to drive operational efficiencies and superior compliance. Our experts take a holistic approach to customer contact management by mapping the end-to-end customer journey in order to identify process gaps and enhance customer experience and operational performance.

Leverage actionable insights for exceptional customer experiences

Our FirstCustomerIntelligence (FCI) tool is a proprietary analytics solution for both voice and written customer contact. The smart and innovative solution measures customer sentiment, emotions and behaviors across an omnichannel environment. It provides actionable insights beyond customer surveys and performance metrics to improve speed of decision making, reduce cost to serve, and trim customer effort. More importantly, it positions mortgage companies as trusted partners with their customers by enabling targeted alerts, offers and information across the customer journey. The scale agnostic tool can be used across channels to drive holistic analysis of agent-customer interactions, and produce real time results for faster and more accurate decision making.

Using the FCI tool, you – lenders and servicers – can improve efficiencies across customer communication channels and deliver proactive value in every customer interaction. The tool also helps analyze customer experiences with products, formulate more effective web strategies, measure customer effort across processes (billing, order placement, customer service, technical support), and determine the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.

The result – superior customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

Stay Ahead

Benefits of Customer Analytics for mortgage

  • Faster and more informed decision making for accelerated lending
  • Enhanced focus on operational efficiency and compliance
  • Personalized information, offers and alerts for superior customer engagement
  • Improved customer experience with real-time insights
  • Better agent performance through monitoring, reporting and coaching

Why Sourcepoint?

25+ years delivering market-leading solutions

Tap into our expertise - We work with the biggest names in the US mortgage market to deliver superior business outcomes

Global centers enabling 24/7 omnichannel experiences

Create a unified experience across channels and services - ranging from mortgage origination and routine servicing to foreclosure and default servicing

Data-driven approach & cutting-edge technology

Stay ahead with next-gen solutions underpinned by Robotic Process Automation, AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and more

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