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Modern consumers demand digital experiences that allow them to move through the lending process quickly – on channels of their choice. The good news is lenders and servicers have a wealth of behavioral and transactional data in their ecosystem to fuel an omnichannel strategy.

FirstCustomerIntelligence (FCI), our award-winning solution for improving customer experience, helps you unpack your customer data to create meaningful experiences while simplifying and streamlining mortgage servicing. FCI’s structured framework captures and analyzes customer interactions across multiple communication channels such as voice, e-mail, chats, social media, CSAT surveys, etc. The customizable methodology helps you understand customer emotions, and what they are actually saying, to deliver contextualized intelligence services based on the customer journey.

Using a multi-layered approach that targets the “what, how and who” of customer interactions, the solution combines unstructured customer interactions with your existing structured data to drive actionable insights. This approach lays the foundation for two of our key offerings – Interaction Performance Index (IPI) and NPS Predictor. With IPI and NPS, you can combine the power of speech, text mining and predictive analytics to improve mortgage operations, gauge the voice of the customer, and monitor business critical processes such as customer intelligence service and compliance.

Quality & risk

Compliance automation and 100% call quality monitoring

Agent performance

Behavioral governance and best practices-based delivery

Business intelligence

Process enhancement and contact channel optimization

Customer experience

Deeper understanding of customer emotions and sentiments

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firstCustomer Intelligence (FCI) boosts borrower experience and improves sales conversion for top 10 lender

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