Streamline your Business Process with Intelligent Workflow

Orchestrate fast, reliable processes for exceptional customer experience ​

Optimize outcomes across structured and unstructured processes

Driving agility and rapidly delivering critical data insights is key to driving success and future-proofing your enterprise. Sympraxis, our cloud-enabled and modular platform powered by AI and ML technologies, helps digitize document-centered business processes, harness the data and drive customer insights by:


Extracting the data from structured/unstructured documents, using AI and ML algorithms.

Identifying patterns and automatically classifying the documents based on content. ​

Configure validation business rules. ​

Distributing the digital data in business domain specific formats.

Automatically triggering workflows for exception handling.

Driving transparency into process flows using mobile-enabled and interactive dashboards.

Outcomes delivered

Significant reduction in turnaround time

Deep customer insights for personalized experiences

Enhanced process accuracy for superior customer satisfaction and loyalty

Stay Ahead with Sourcepoint

1 Mn+

Mortgage loan underwriting reviews made per year

10 Mn+

Borrower contacts per year

7 of Top 15

US mortgage lenders serviced

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