Omnichannel Customer Contact

Reduce customer effort and increase the quality of every customer interaction while optimizing compliance.

Deliver outstanding customer experiences across multiple touchpoints

Digital technologies are upending the way consumers interact with brands and make purchasing decisions. Today’s digital-first customers look for the ability to engage with businesses at a time and on a channel of their choice -without changing their experiences with the company or its products. This means, on any given day, customers will engage with a company across multiple touch points –from mobile apps, social media platforms and local branches to customer service centers.

Sourcepoint’s Omnichannel Customer Contact solutions help organizations deliver a smart, positive customer experience – every time. Our multi-award-winning analytics tool FirstCustomer Intelligence (FCI) is designed to help businesses meet customers wherever they are and better understand customer expectations. It leverages machine learning-based speech and text analytics to analyze large volumes of customer interactions across channels such as voice, email, webchat, social, and CSAT surveys.

How does FCI reduce customer effort and improve experience?

FCI helps businesses understand customer emotions and dissatisfaction triggers, enabling them to create an optimized service contact strategy that reduces customer effort and enhances experience. It routes critical and high-priority customer interactions to assigned skilled resources, guided by our right-shoring model.

FCI leverages various components including:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) model – Identifies potential super detractors and prioritize cases for targeted calling.
  • Agent Performance Index report- Tracks performance across critical parameters such as agent, site, manager, team lead, compliance and so on.
  • firstChatTMDeflects medium priority customer interactions to webchat based on customer journey mapping and customer query segmentation, thereby optimizing cost and efficiencies.

FCI lays the foundation for a contact center of the future using a three-pronged approach: channel, process and operations optimization.

The result: a holistic approach to improving compliance, agent performance and customer experience across the mortgage lifecycle and reduced cost to serve.


FirstCustomer Intelligence: Service Contact Strategy


Lower your cost to serve and optimize channel deflection through:

  • Service contact strategy for right shoring efficiencies
  • Website optimization for increased self-serve
  • Webchat strategy for superior channel deflection

Reduce repeat contacts and enhance compliance by enabling:

  • Root cause analysis of service requests
  • Customer journey mapping to identify gaps
  • Auto-generated correspondence such as welcome/goodbye/delinquency letters, and escrow analysis statement for compliance

Identify opportunities to improve agent coaching and customer experience using:

  • 100% call monitoring and focused audits
  • Deeper insights into agent-customer conversation dynamics
  • Quantified data on agent performance for coaching and service improvement
Stay Ahead

Client Spotlight

A leading residential mortgage services provider lacked insights into contact drivers, customer experience and contact triggers, leading to sub-optimal performance.

Sourcepoint leveraged FCI Speech Analytics to analyze 30,000 customer interactions using a four-step methodology: categorization, emotion-detection, root cause analysis, and end-to-end customer journey mapping.

Our solution helped the client realize the following tangible benefits:

  • 15% reduction in cost to serve
  • 10% improvement in customer experience and compliance

Why Sourcepoint?

25+ years delivering market-leading solutions

Tap into our expertise - We work with the biggest names in the US mortgage market to deliver superior business outcomes

Global centers enabling 24/7 omnichannel experiences

Create a unified experience across channels and services - ranging from mortgage origination and routine servicing to foreclosure and default servicing

Data-driven approach & cutting-edge technology

Stay ahead with next-gen solutions underpinned by Robotic Process Automation, AI, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and more

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