Sub Industry: Mortgage

A Pivotal Juncture for the Mortgage Industry

Today, mortgage companies are staring down a perfect storm that will impact their ability to hold onto their market share. Demand for new mortgages is about to surge. Impending drops in interest rates are going to fuel demand in a way that lenders and servicers are currently not prepared to

Five steps for greater profitability in Mortgage Origination

The mortgage lending industry will face many hurdles in 2022, not the least of which is maintaining profitability in a shrinking market — not only on a macro basis but on every loan it originates. This year loans will consist largely of non-QM and purchase loans. They will be more

How the mortgage industry can mitigate risks in 2022

The past couple of years may one day serve nostalgic for mortgage originators. With record low mortgage rates and soaring homeowner equity, lenders had a historic level of refinance opportunities. It has been, in many ways, the best of times. However, a completely different picture has emerged. Higher interest rates

A large US mortgage company automates loan production and improves efficiency by 30%

The challenge: Overcome inefficiencies due to manual processes One of the largest mortgage companies in the US faced multiple challenges in its day-to-day lending operations. Predominantly manual processes led to error-prone, ad-hoc processing and segregation of loan documents. In addition, siloed legacy processes and applications resulted in poor visibility and

The five C’s of mortgage post-closing

In our enforcement-focused regulatory environment, the mandate for accurate, timely and efficient mortgage post-closing has never been stronger. The business case for complying with regulations and investor guidelines includes saving on interest and fees, faster turns on credit lines, fee and penalty avoidance and loan salability. If there is a

Trust and teamwork in mortgage servicing

There’s no shortage of quotes about teamwork out there, but my favorite is generally attributed to the icon that is Michael Jordan: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Incredible on a basketball court, Jordan is also a talented baseball player and golfer, and many consider him to

Turn your customer experience vision into a reality : Digitally Empowered Contact Center

How do you meet the expectations of consumers conditioned to expect empathy, convenience, and responsiveness when they engage with you? Introducing the Digitally Empowered Contact Center (DECC), an end to end contact center solution supporting all interaction channels of their choosing, guided by Intelligent Automation focussed on resolving customer request

Hyperautomation in Digital Mortgage Operations

Hyperautomation, the balancing of Intelligent Automation with human judgment, has demonstrated exceptional results in mortgage lending, from predicting behavior to streamlining operations and elevating the borrower experience. In this paper, we explore practical and successful applications of hyperautomation, discuss strategies for deploying technology and expanding its use in lending, and

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