Auto Audit

Automating risk management processes to accelerate audits & compliance

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Robotic Process Automation





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  • 90% reduction in processing time
  • 100% data accuracy across processes
  • Automated 100% of the process steps
  • 1200% increase in capacity for quality testing at no additional cost

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    Problem Statement

    Auditing process can be time consuming as it requires manual reviewing of multiple documents and compiling the final report


    Use automation to eliminate manual rule based tasks there by reducing manual effort and expediting the audit process

    Tech Specs

    Auto Audit is an unattended digital employee powered by Automation Anywhere RPA suite and can be easily integrated with any Loan Origination System(LOS).


    • Deployment of robotic solution along with macro solution embedded in codes
    • Standardization of tester template to overcome the variation in the results
    • SQL query embedded in the automation codes to extract information from SQL database
    • An automated email triggered by the CoBot for document database team to get the needed files/documents
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