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Why on-demand automation is the winning choice for mortgage providers

Life is full of contradictions. The mortgage industry is no exception. On the one hand, mortgage loan origination and servicing providers want to cut costs. On the other, they need to improve experience­. Is it possible to do both? As if reconciling the two isn’t challenge enough, soaring interest rates,

A large US mortgage company automates loan production and improves efficiency by 30%

The challenge: Overcome inefficiencies due to manual processes One of the largest mortgage companies in the US faced multiple challenges in its day-to-day lending operations. Predominantly manual processes led to error-prone, ad-hoc processing and segregation of loan documents. In addition, siloed legacy processes and applications resulted in poor visibility and

The five C’s of mortgage post-closing

In our enforcement-focused regulatory environment, the mandate for accurate, timely and efficient mortgage post-closing has never been stronger. The business case for complying with regulations and investor guidelines includes saving on interest and fees, faster turns on credit lines, fee and penalty avoidance and loan salability. If there is a

Intelligent Automation for mortgage companies

Mortgage companies are under pressure on multiple fronts – from tackling increasing loan volumes to growing consumer expectations for rapid, personalized support. Meeting these requirements demands flexible, agile, scalable operations – one that reimagines processes from front-end customer experiences to back-end operations. While Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – automating simple,

7 steps to modernize operations to win in Mortgage

Is there a perfect time to modernize your mortgage operation? Should you wait until volumes abate, hoping the resulting calm will give you time to plan? Do you wait for the next release of the software platform you’ve heard about? Or do you hold off until you fill that CTO

Hyperautomation in Digital Mortgage Operations

Hyperautomation, the balancing of Intelligent Automation with human judgment, has demonstrated exceptional results in mortgage lending, from predicting behavior to streamlining operations and elevating the borrower experience. In this paper, we explore practical and successful applications of hyperautomation, discuss strategies for deploying technology and expanding its use in lending, and

The rise of the Digital Mortgage Assistant

Suppose you had an older car that lacked modern safety amenities, like back-up camera or a collision avoidance system, or even a modern sound system that wirelessly connects with your mobile device. But you love the car; it has low mileage and it runs flawlessly. Do you trade it in

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