The five key battlegrounds in financial services

The rise of fintech challengers has revived the innovation agenda of the most revered financial institutions, as they seek to remain relevant. Fintech vs. Incumbents – who will win?

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  • Transform your Organization Cognitive Quotient

    Why do you need to transform your Enterprise's CQ now?
    The learning interaction between the learner, machines, systems, and processes needs to be digitized. The interplay between these interactions enriches the learner's journey to Mastery.
    Learning as an AI service includes domain structure analysis, maintaining and improving outcome, generating recommendations, predicting grades and outcomes, and learner modelling that encourages Collaborative Intelligence.

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  • Next steps in mortgage servicing : POV

    Mortgage servicing businesses are experiencing significant industry-wide challenges. As COVID-19 dulls recovery and unemployment stays at historically high levels, many households are struggling to make their mortgage payments. At the same time, new and complex issues continue to emerge: a new administration with a heightened sense of regulatory scrutiny, a new foreclosure moratorium, and forbearance moratorium extension through June 2021. All this while the industry continues to grapple with talent shortages and capacity constraints. What does all this mean for servicers?

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  • Blending digital with the human touch for servicing success: Unlocking the ‘HOW’

    This paper highlights how servicers can deploy technology-based solutions, combined with the human touch, to build long lasting customer relationships that drive preference and loyalty.

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  • A top-5 US bank harnesses Sourcepoint’s distributed work model to deploy remote automation

    Leveraging its remote implementation methodology, Sourcepoint automated the bank’s Risk Management Quality Assurance processes, increasing capacity for QA testing by 1,200% and reducing processing time by 90%.

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  • Sourcepoint remotely deploys, integrates and scales customer intelligence solution for a top-5 US mortgage company

    Sourcepoint remotely deployed a proprietary customer analytics solution in 2019 and scaled the solution in the wake of COVID-19, providing deep insights into more than 1,000 agents who transitioned to a remote working model.

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  • Mortgage Servicing Solutions to meet the evolving demands of mortgage servicers

    Rapidly advancing technologies, changing borrower expectations, and the blistering pace of digital transformation are making new demands of mortgage servicers.

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  • First Customer Intelligence (FCI) boosts borrower experience and improves sales conversion for top 10 lender

    Within three months FCI analyzed 3.3 million calls across sales, operations and servicing. The results helped the client increase sales conversion, reduce repeat callers and identify and improve call avoidance behaviors.

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  • RPA helps leading US mortgage provider stay ahead by improving agent productivity

    Sourcepoint helped the client automate high volume, repetitive tasks in its loan set-up, guaranteeing complete data accuracy and improving agent productivity by 250%.

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  • How robust is your mortgage post-closing process

    The post-closing process requires paying close attention to borrower qualifications and evolving regulatory updates. Doing so ensures timely compliance, mitigating reputational risks and expedited investor delivery.
    Download this ebook on assessing the key factors for greater compliance and profitability.

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  • Large regional lender boosts compliance & cuts cost by $4 Million annually

    To become more responsive to customer needs and drive an aggressive growth plan of doubling its origination volume within a six month period, the client needed to re-engineer its processes and cut its cycle time by 50%.

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  • Choosing the right mortgage business process management company – a systematic guide

    Choosing the right mortgage BPM company is of paramount importance to your business’ success. An experienced BPM company offers technology solutions, skills, processes and resources to bolster your in-house capabilities. But does the BPM company have what it takes to help your business transform and thrive in today’s challenging mortgage environment?

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